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Fluid Cooling Systems - Heat Transfer and Fluid Handling Specialists

  • Air Cooled Chiller Pump Station | Ford PPOE
  • Closed Loop Chiller Pump Station | SolidWorks® Model | Can-Eng Furnaces Houston
  • Air Cooled Heat Exchanger - ExxonMobil | Joliet Refinery
  • Chiller/Tower Cooling System | Detroit Thermal
  • Spirex Centrifugal Separator Inside MMR | Blue Care Network

Fluid Cooling Systems, LLC. specializes in the design, fabrication and application of process cooling systems and their components in a diverse range of markets, including: oil and gas, power, automotive, food and pharma, to name a few. We approach our business relationships as a partnership with our customers, gaining a thorough understanding of their processes, specifications and budgets. The result of working jointly with our customers towards a common goal is a customized solution that meets the specified need and typically exceeds expectations.

We offer several different types of cooling systems including: chillers, cooling towers, air cooled heat exchangers, closed circuit evaporative coolers, adiabatic coolers and heat exchangers. Each of these systems is paired with a pump station and requisite controls.

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